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Thursday, 20 August 2009

getting rid of junk

Twice a year there is an occasion when all the residents of Kandern put their junk out on the sidewalk in front of their houses. Everything from potting pots, to mattresses, to mirrors, to couches, to random statues show up on the streets this day. It is the most messy you will ever see the streets in Kandern. But it is for a purpose.
This twice yearly day is a way for the residents to purge the things from their houses. I think it is brilliant! All day, anyone who decides that one person's junk is another person's treasure may take that junk to their house. The following day, the trucks come and take the remaining items to the dump. I put out an old coffee table and someone took it. I could not think of who might need it so now someone who needs it has it... I hope. :-)

The thing that it makes me think how we often hold onto the junk in our lives. The junk we can see with our physical eyes and the junk we can't see with our physical eyes. We all hold onto junk in our lives. Stuff that clutters up our minds and hearts and our homes.

Have you ever cleaned out a room in your house and felt the lightness and freedom and freshness that it brings? Have you ever cleaned out the thoughts in your head or the lies in your heart and felt the lightness and freedom and freshness that it brings?

How often do we intentionally go through the things in our houses to get rid of junk? ...other than the times we need to move.

How often do we go before the Lord to ask Him to go through the junk that piles up in our lives which clutters our relationship with Him?

Something to ponder.. and for me... something to take more action on.

Streams of living water can't flow through my life if it is cluttered with junk.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Thanks for praying!

I have slept well two nights in a row now. Ah.. sleep is a beautiful thing. Designed by God to give our bodies energy, to remind that each day brings new challenges and excitement.. sleep is a good thing!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Jet Lag

Jetlag- a temporary disruption of the body's normal biological rhythms after high-speed air travel through several time zones.

I hope this disruption of my body's normal biological rhythms is temporary. I have not been able to sleep normally since my return to Germany.