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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Rome in March

When I returned to Rome in early March, I encountered Carnivale. It began the night I arrived. Throughout the week we encountered Carnivale events and remnants. The 10 students and three staff from Miami University in Ohio were a great group to work with. Reminds me of when I took my spring breaks and summers to go on mission trips. 
Part of Missional Team Uno.
Three lovely ladies from Miami University in Ohio joined the first week I was back.  Their passion to share the hope of Jesus with students was delightful.
Children in the midst of a Carnivale event. They go around showering each other with confetti. 
On the left is Courtney, she was a STINTer in Rome this past year. She helped to lead the group from Ohio. The group from Ohio reminded me how much I love to invest in the lives of University students. 
This little girl just wanted to play with the pretty confetti. :-) Smart girl. 
after the confetti party.... the confetti blows in the wind....

Monday, 14 March 2011

Spring Break

Last week we had 12 staff and students come from Miami of Ohio University to spend their Spring Break sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with Italian students here in Rome. It was a delight to see these students and their hunger to know God and to help others know Him too. 

We began this week with 54 students and 10 staff from Ole Miss University who are here to also spend their Spring Break sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with Italians. 

We are praying that God will do great things through them here!

I will write more on this when I have a working laptop with photos available and can put together a Musings for March. ... Melissa's March Musings... hmmm.. I like the sound of that. If you do not receive my monthly updates... you can sign up here.Melissa's Musings Sign Up

Sunday, 6 March 2011


Sometimes a lot of changes happen in a short period of time. 
In the two weeks that I was in the states...
  • The direction of the streets around my flat changed Via Imperia and Via G. Baglivi swapped directions. Imagine my surprise when I could not turn on Via G. Baglivi.  But it is actually more convenient this way. :-) My roommates say it happened in a 12 hour period... new signs, new painted parking spots, etc... 
  • My roommate Amy got engaged to Joel. I am so excited for them! This also means changes in our flat
  • And my missional team structure changed. A change in the leadership and one team member moved to a different team. One thing I love about the team of staff here in Rome... they are not afraid of changing things around for the best fit of people.
Change is rarely easy to navigate... but I find that when I trust the Lord to navigate... it is much easier for me. In fact, I think the fact that there is now and has always been a lot of change in my life has caused me to cling to Jesus more consistantly!