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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Birthdays and Intentional living

This month there are at least 5 significant people in my life who have birthdays. 
Adopted Dad Barry-Oct 3
Boyfriend Robert-Oct 5
Dear friend Bekah-Oct 12
My Uncle Bill-mid Oct...
Brother Matthew-Oct 19
Dear Friends Tori and Cindy-Oct 23

and the list goes on...  

This month of October and the month of May hold the most birthdays. 
I tend to ponder on birthdays how amazing it is that we have life.

Each year brings with it new challenges and new opportunities to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. 
I find myself grateful for life and the the people still celebrating birthdays here on earth. 

I have been pondering life a lot these days and the challenge it can be to live intentionally. 
To intentionally use my time and talents to be who God has called me to be. 

This means I need to spend intentional time discovering who God is and who he is calling me to be. 

One thing that is beautiful to me is that God is God the same always and forever. And we are all unique although human. Whom He is calling each of us to be is unique.

Do you marvel at this gift of life and seek how to live intentionally?