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Monday, 28 January 2013

Airport thoughts

I am sitting in an airport again. This time because I am flying standby and there was not room on the first flight I tried. I love airports. I love the brief glimpse into the lives of the other travellers.

Going through security the woman in front of me lamented how slowly the line was going. I said, well the good thing is that it gives us time to take everything out and off. J She smiled and said, “well that is a positive way of looking at it.” I explained that I have found not being positive does not help the situations. J later I was reflecting on this and thinking how amazing it is that God has opened my eyes to the positive side of things. I don’t see everything as good. But everything is not bad. :)

At the gate, waiting for the possibility of the first flight, there was a group of orthodox Jewish men. I watched them interact with each other. Older and younger men all combined by a common faith. It was beautiful and it was sad. I was sad that they are not combined by the knowledge that the Messiah has come!!!!! 

As the other standby passengers and I waited to find out if we had a seat, I shared a sigh with another woman. She was on her flight at 6:15 this morning when she realized that she had not remembered her passport to apply for her visa in San Fran. So she was on standby. I began to wonder about each person’s story. I am not in a hurry today. I do not have any pressing appointments to meet. Thankfully. :)

I watched the gate attendants try to graciously respond to everyone with their requests. That is a tough job!

As I wandered around, I chatted with the people working in one of the news shops… they were delightful.

Then sitting down for lunch I just got to watch all sorts of people.

The band and their groupies… apparently they were in Europe last year… according to one of the tags on one of their rucksacks. 
The man who looked so tired but was all ready for a long flight ahead. :)

The tired waitresses who were short staffed and worn out. :(

I wonder what else this day will hold as I wait for the next flight.

Monday, 14 January 2013


sunday morning i had time to say goodbye to the places and things that have become to familiar to me these past 9 months. 

Goodbye to Bus 99
Goodbye to Victoria Square
Goodbye to the Floozy in the Jacuzzi statue in Victoria Square
Goodbye to Colmar Row
Goodbye to St. Martins in the Bullring
File:St Martins from the Bullring 2009.JPG
Goodbye to St. Philips and the lovely view of it from the Agape office
Goodbye to Newhall Street
Goodbye to New Street
Goodbye to the alternate exit out of the New Street station
Goodbye to the Bull Ring
Goodbye to the Canals
Goodbye to Gas Street Basin
Goodbye to the Mailbox
Goodbye to the starbucks that overlooks St. Martins in the Bullring
Goodbye to Harborne High Street
Goodbye to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Goodbye to Edgbaston Girls school where City Church meets
Goodbye to the BT tower which always showed me where I was in the city centre
I shall miss you normal sights of Birmingham, UK.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Moving house again

I have lost track of how many times I have actually moved house in my lifetime. 
Before I was an adult we moved at least 5 times. 
Then as an adult I have moved about 20 times. 
Am I tired of moving? 
Yes! :)

This is the view I have as I was spending time with the Lord this morning and as I write this blog posting. I am hoping to get an update out today or tomorrow. So if you receive my Musings updates, be looking for it soon!