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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

7th Year Rhythm of Rest

reFresh is in the middle of our 7th year of ministry and we have been practicing some Rhythms of Rest. You read about it when I wrote about our Mondays. You read about when I wrote about the Grotto... you can read more here: 

Now, it is easy to assume that we are taking a sabbath or that we are just not working for this year. Quite the contrary actually. :)

In following the instructions of Exodus 23...
We have taken a rest from the normal (the fields) of day retreats, one on one appointments, starting new ACT Journey retreats, etc... and have taken up (building the barns), practicing what we preach (developing rhythms of rest) developing resources and developing funding for us to do the ministry of reFresh.

We are seeing God poise us for exciting things in the coming year as we seek to remain faithful to where and how He calls us.

I have to admit, It is a challenge to practice what we are preaching and to keep a rhythm of rest. But we are committed to it. And I love seeing how God leads in these times.