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Monday, 24 November 2008

Where does the time go?

In scripture I am reminded that time is fleeting, that my life is but a breath... so why does it surprise me when it has "suddenly" been a month since I spoke with a dear friend, or 2 months since I sent out a prayer update to my ministry team or 3 weeks since I updated my blog?

Life does not stand still. We all know that. No matter what the economy is doing, or what joys or tragedies are in our lives.. life goes on. And I have to think that I am SO thankful that it is God who ordained my days before one of them came into being.
There is comfort in knowing that even as time seems to slip through my fingers, that time is ordained by God. Every moment of my life and your life is ordained by God.

The seasons change as the Lord ordains.

And time does not stop for me...

I have to stop to enjoy and ponder along the way. If time is fleeting and my life is but a breath, am I taking time to notice and time to to breathe?

I do not want to be oblivious to the things God is doing around me. I desire to fully enjoy and participate in what God is ordaining in my life!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Thinking strategically in the Swiss Alps

Seriously... I get to work in some stunningly beautiful locations!
12 peopled gathered this past week to think strategically about how to most effectively share the hope of Christ with 14-25 year-olds in Western Europe. Most of us arrived Sunday and went for a hike Monday morning up in the Swiss Alps around Tannenheim. This is about 1 hour outside of Zuerich and up to an altitude of about a mile. Similar to Denver, Colorado.
I think there are few things better than an activity like hiking together to watch group dynamics. Deb fell during the first leg of the hike and had to remain behind. This was very sad because she more than anyone LOVES to hike in the mountains. We went on and I was blessed to know that even when we were gaining altitude quickly and I could not catch a breath, the guys did not leave me in the dust, but instead took care to make sure I was okay to continue before the group continued. It was a good time together.

I recall during the time that I worked with DELTA Ministries that we used a reading during training to get this point across. It was called "Together" and it chronicled the journey of a bunch of classmates who all set out to go for a hike together. Along the way some ran on ahead and some fell behind and through it all they learned that they really do need each other to be able to do this thing together. That reading, 15 years later, still impacts my life.

The day after the guys left, Deb and I drove up into the higher alps and this was the view... just a little bit lower than the previous photo. The hiking group actually hiked the Spazierweg that this sign points out. :-)
The 4 days consisted of time in the Word together, Singing worship to the Lord together, Praying together, thinking together, preparing meals together, Praying for each other, and Planning together. All with the purpose of following our Shepherd where He would lead us in this ministry.

I lift up my eyes to the mountains. Where does my help come from? My help comes from You, oh Lord, the Maker of heavan and earth.