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Saturday, 31 August 2013


Yes, I am moving again. 
I am so grateful for the apartment I was able to use these past 5 months. 
It provided a restful space. 

The next month I will not have a "home".
 I will be housesitting, highschool student transportation, cat care and who knows what else. 

I came to the realisation a few months ago that I need to stop trying to get settled here. It is hard to be settled when you I am in the houses of others, living out of a suitcase. 
I am so grateful for the ways people are helping me find places to stay in this transition. 

I hope I can settle in early October when, Lord willing, the place I will live in for a time is available. 

I look forward to making a home again. To having a place where you can come over for coffee, dinner, games, chatting, hanging out. But that dream is on hold. 

On hold for two reasons.. one is that the place is not available yet and the other reason is because my home things are in storage in the UK still. I am walking one day at a time in this desire to settle into a place and make it "home". 

That will help Portland feel like home too.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Festa Italiana

Each year, for the past 22 years, Festa Italiana has come to Portland, Oregon. 
I have been to it 3 times. 
A couple times before I lived in Italy and last night. 

I had so much fun! 
The collection of Italians, and many other cultures was refreshing.
The music was delightful and even better was all of us just dancing together. 

Besides having fun, 
I was reminded of much I enjoy dancing with men who know how to lead.
I was encouraged as Italian flowed out of my mouth from time to time
It was so lovely to have an evening of not thinking about all the things currently in my life. 
And just to be in the moments.

At one point I stopped to take it all in and tears welled up in my eyes with the joy I felt in the moment. I miss Europe. 
But I also know that I am stateside for a season, and I want to be intentional about this season.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

new tab

You may have noticed... maybe not... :) 

There is a new tab called "Current Needs"   

Often missionaries are asked what they need so I am going to keep a list here as things come up. 

Your prayers are so vital!  
For those who pray-Thank you! 
For those who also give financially-Thank you!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Though my heart may cry

Yesterday I cried a lot. 
I cried because I am weary of transition. 
I cried because there are people who think missionaries who are based in the USA don't need their financial or prayer support. 
I cried because I am weary of being single.
I cried because so many people in missions and ministry are weary, overwhelmed, exhausted, burned out and want to quit.
I cried because unborn babies have less value many places here in America, than trees or animals
I cried because I don't know where I will live
I cried because I don't know how God will provide
I cried because I miss Europe and my dear friends there
I cried because I am still overwhelmed when I enter Fred Meyers. 

My provider
My restorer
My deliverer
My joy
My comfort

When life is stormy and unsettling, God IS my foundation.
I lean into HIM

Monday, 12 August 2013

to live

One of the things I am passionate about is living how and where God wants me to live. 

For now, I know the city, 

Portland, Oregon

There are many great things about this city. 
I desire to live close into the city centre.
where the people are

I want to rub shoulders with people in all ages, stages and walks of life.

Right now I am looking for a place to live in this city.

House or Apartment

a kitchen I can call my own

space to host small groups for dinner (this is so life-giving to me!)

one...or two bedrooms (two bedrooms means I could have a housemate)

space to grow herbs and have flowers (outside space would be amazing!)

a place with light spaces...nothing dark and dreary

washer and dryer included

in an area that is safe to walk around by myself or with a friend

neighbours who are friendly and a mix of ages/stages of life

for less than $600 if a 1 bedroom and less than $850 if a 2 bedroom

before the middle of September. 

I look forward to what God will do. If you know of anything that fits... please let me know! :)