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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Authentic Community in Transformation - ACT

reFresh has asked me to take part of the next ACT Journey. It begins in November. I am so looking forward to this Journey. I will learn and grow as well as learn how to take people through such a journey. When I think of all the ways God is allowing me to learn and grow and care for those in ministry now, I am amazed!

I have been really struck with the spiritual battle that is raging around me as I make this transition and enter this new stage. Member care is so strategic to the health and longevity of those in ministry!

The ACT Journey is training and experience that I am very much looking forward to.

This is from the reFresh website:

Authentic Community in Transformation - ACT

In one study, 70% of Christian leaders polled admitted to having no place to be their authentic self. Most are encouraged to solve this problem by doing things like memorizing more scripture, writing elaborate goals and strategic plans, and organizing and/or attending a lot of good, well intended workshops. If you have discovered that these things do not quench your deeper heart thirst for more, then you are likely ready for the reFresh Authentic Community in Transformation (ACT) Journey.

At the core of "doing" ministry is our first order calling - to "be with Jesus" (Mark 3:13ff) and to love the Lord our God... (Lk 10:27). Being a part of the ACT Journey will help you attend to this vital relationship first and foremost, from which will flow a healthy, natural, irrepressible love for self and neighbor. Jesus calls us to be with Him and our spiritual authority (and longevity) in ministry (our witness) flows from that "with-ness."

In the reFresh ACT Journey you will discover, recover and deepen your devotion to Christ so as to more effectively and passionately serve God's people and minister to those in need of His touch of love. You will, in community, learn how to tend to your own soul so you can tend to the souls of others. There is no greater investment for a minister of Christ.

Because Christianity is primarily about relationship, this two year sojourn will be in a small group community. As David Benner writes, "Once we commit ourselves to journey and grow together, those people that we might never choose as friends but who we encounter in community offer us a chance to deal with the precise issues we need to confront if we are to become whole, not merely holy. And let us never forget that wholeness is one of the best measures of anything worthy of being called authentic spiritual development."

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

The mountains declare...

I was so thankful today that hwy 550 is a fairly consistent 25 miles per hour through Ouray, CO. Even with the rain and loads of clouds, I was in awe. I had tears in my eyes as I gazed at the splendour.
As I am trusting God to provide for my needs. As I enter this new stage of life. As I call on The Lord to fight this spiritual battle... I was just reminded that God is really really really big! 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

On trusting The Lord.

God is faithful. He has never failed me or you. His unchanging love means always, nothing can separate us. 

I am privileged to be part of what is called Still Waters Retreat. It is the retreat for people who are or have served overseas with Cru. Everyone here has spent significant time sharing the gospel to the world. 

Everyone here is in some sort of transition. Between assignment, between countries, back to the USA, etc... 

We all understand the challenges that these transitions bring to our lives. 

The only thing that is the same in my life from last year at this time, is that God is still God. 

I am so grateful that He never changes. Through my moves, finances, ministry changes, etc... I have a different car, different daily schedule, different language, different living situation. 

But God is faithful. 

Sunday, 21 July 2013

In awe of God

Yesterday I got to go up into the Rocky Mountains with my extended family here in Colorado. 
It was so fun to just hang out and enjoy God's creation together! 

I recall the Swiss Alps and am reminded of God's great design across the world. My heart is full! 

Tomorrow I head to my last Cru function. It is a debriefing and rest time. I am looking forward to that! To seeing dear people and processing some of the last years in Europe. 

Friday, 19 July 2013

On the road again...

I am on day three of this trip, so far, I have spilled sunscreen and coffee, I have driven through mountain and dessert, I have cried over relationships lost, I have prayed, sang and listened to great speakers via podcast, and... I have spent quality time with dear ones. 

11 corvettes were driving alongside me yesterday. Random. 

And this quote from CS Lewis. "Love forgives the most and condones the least."

Trusting The Lord to continue to protect, lead and guide me. 

Entering mountain time! :)