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Monday, 19 October 2009

the energy and exhaustion of sharing my heart

so I returned from Northern California this past Saturday night. It was so good to be with dear friends and to be able to share the passion that God has put on my heart to see Europeans know Jesus. My dear friends Mikey and Jamie Shaw and their lovely daughter Mercy Cadence were my hosts for the week. I LOVE them! I did not get many photos of them.. but here is one of Mikey and Mercy. This little family, introduced me to many of their family and friends and arranged opportunities for me to share with several different groups. It is such a blessing to have people like this on my team.
I was blessed to share with the Sparkies and 3-5th graders at AWANA. I even remembered the Sparky theme song... So I got to tell them about being a light to the world like it says in their song.

And with the 3-5th graders, I got to share with them from Proverbs 3:5... a verse they either have or will soon memorize. I also taught them how to count to five in German. My friend Jamie has some of those kids in school...and she said that they next day they were still trying to count in German. I love kids!

Then I got to share with bigger kids.... Jr. High and High school age students.... Isaiah 25:1, Jeremiah 29:11 and Romans 15:4.... don't we all want hope? And those of us who know Jesus have hope and we need to share that with everyone! And of course... in High school you have crazy games with saran wrap, tin foil and paper towels.
I was blessed to share with adults who were in their early 20s and late 80s and every age in between. I do not know what God plans to do out of that yet... But I do love expanding the vision for reaching Europe!

On the trip back, I was exhausted... but I got to see Mt. Shasta with snow. and many many many amazing fall colours. God is so amazing in His vast displays of nature! I crossed the Sacramento River, the Shasta River, the Shasta lake, the Kalamath River and went up to 4,000+feet high and back down again. I wonder if God ever just stops and admires his creation today? I am continually amazed.
So... while sharing over and over and over is exhausting... it is also energizing and it does remind me that with God... nothing is impossible.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The in between moments

As I am in the states, it is fun to reconnect with the people I love and the culture I come from. It is also fun to trust the Lord to work out who will be part of the team He is putting together for me to get to Italy where He has called me to go. hmm.. that is a lot riding on the Lord. :-) I am okay with that.

It was really fun to go to the Portland Timbers game with my brother and his wife. the Portland soccer scene was really fun to see!
I got to be around for my dear friend Bekah's birthday! I love celebrating life events with my friends and family.
And then I drove to northern California on Sunday. Some things I saw on the way....

this sign at a rest area made me laugh...
And another beautiful mountain.... Mount Shasta... a lovely view after crossing over the Siskiyou Mountains.
I am in northern California sharing the vision God has given me to reach Europeans with the Gospel and to be part of the development and care of Europeans to be who Christ has called them to be. I pray that God would expand this vision and increase the team.