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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Spring and Easter!

 I am sitting by Mt. Tabor Reservoir pondering the sounds of Spring that I hear and the Spring flowers that I see.

This weekend we celebrate Easter! I love this physical reminder of the amazing gift of new life that God has given us! New creations. Similar to the new flowers that I am seeing today... But on a much larger scale! :)


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Snow and Sun

I was just pondering how amazing my job is... Because you partner with me, I am on this trip that has taken me to Denver, Detroit, Dallas and more.

I have had sweet time with those I have spent time with. I am so grateful for the friendships which time and distance do not destroy.

I drove through snow in southern Michigan, sat in a Chicago airport because of rain storms in Dallas, and now I am sitting in 80+ degree weather.

I love that God has connected me with dear ones whom I have not seen for about three years. And I am grateful for the numerous conversations with people on the planes.

I am thankful for the confirmations from people who have known me for years that this direction of pursuing counselling for member care makes sense.

And I am loving the snow and the sun... Two things I have not seen much of in the past year. :) God is good!

Thursday, 7 March 2013


It is such a joy to have ministry partners who are dear friends. God has intertwined our lives over years of this journey!

 some of my cousin's kids. So fun!
 My dear, dear friend Amy...friends for almost 20 years now... crazy. 

Thank you Mayers for the excellent duck tape to repair the hole in my suitcase. :) 
Lake Ontario. :) looks more like the sea... so amazing!
Fun with Terra in the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto.

It is such an honour to share life with people. As I see where God it taking me, I am more and more excited about it!