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Friday, 31 August 2012

a glimpse into my life

For two reasons I can easily share the gospel here. 

they wonder why an American would be in the UK. 
they wonder why anyone would move from Rome to Birmingham. :)

It makes even the most normal of occurances have space to share some hope and truth. 

Getting a manicure is not a normal occurance for me. But there was a great discount from a girl who gives them so I took advantage on Tuesday. 

As soon as I sat down and we exchanged pleasantries, she wondered why I moved from Rome to Birmingham. 
What followed was a half hour of her giving me a manicure and asking what me what I think about Religion, 
the Hindu, 
and ....
why someone would go Hell.

I am thankful for how God leads me to people who are searching and I will go back for a manicure from her, not just because it was a great manicure but because she is searching and I want to walk with her in that search. One of the ways that I get to be the hands and feet of God here in Birmingham.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I'm trying to live by faith

I am going to be very honest here...   
I have played a song about 40 times over today and still have it on repeat.

 I just found out how much my monthly taxes are for the UK and it is more than I can currently pay. That and the loss or decrease of some other giving has put me in a place where I feel desperate to see God move in this situation. I don't know what God wants me to do in this other than trust Him. My exhaustion has made it difficult to communicate with my current ministry partners and it seems impossible to meet new ministry partners.

Here are the words,
"Move" by Newsong from their One True God CD

I’m a man in need of a miracle
But all I have is hope
God I need to see Your power fall
Like it did in the days of old
I know You’re who you say you are
Cause You’ve proven that to me
But this time seems impossible
Won’t You help my unbelief

I need to see You move

I need to see Your hand
I’m trying to live by
I don’t know if I can
But I know You’ve not changed
There’s nothing You can’t do

I’ve done all that I can

The rest is up to You
I need to see You move

Like Moses in the wilderness

Like Daniel when he prayed
Like Simeon in the temple
When he finally saw Your face
Lord like them I’m just a man
And I’ve got everything to lose
So what You did for them
Would You do for me
What I’m desperate for is You

I’m finding out what it really means

To trust You Lord with everything
To trust You, really trust You

I know that it is all up to God. I am learning more everyday to really trust God with everything.