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Thursday, 27 September 2012

A good church

Having followed the Lord's leading to Birmingham, UK, I find that I have the privilege of being part of a neighbourhood church. 
I have found a church where I would be comfortable bringing any new acquaintance along to. 
I am involved in a home group and I am excited to get to know others, to study the word together and to encourage and be encouraged as we seek to follow Jesus. 

Under the Who We Are part of the City Church website, they say this: "We are Christians of all ages and backgrounds who meet together to glorify God by making the good news of Jesus Christ known in Birmingham." 
I love being part of the larger body of Christ as we all want to share the good news of Jesus Christ where we live! 

This past weekend we had a church retreat in Birmingham-hosted at a school up the road from my flat. This photo is of a softball game.. no it is not normal for Brits to play softball but they were being taught how to play by a lovely American family who are here for work. 
I got to explain the game to some other church members. I think I had not seen a softball game for at least 10 years!

It helps me as I work on the European level of Agape, to have such good solid connections on the local level here in Birmingham. I am thankful to the Lord for this provision!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Some photos for you

 Here is a photo of most of the Agape UK staff. 
These are the people I am so blessed to live and work amongst.
 These are the lovely people who are giving their hearts to share the gospel with university students in Birmingham.  I love them!!! and I love that I get to work with them eventually.

and yes.. we have fun! :)

Monday, 10 September 2012

over the weekend

I and some other pretty amazing people were officially welcomed into the Agape UK staff group and commissioned for the work God has called us to here and in Agape Europe.

Friday, 7 September 2012

this coming weekend

This weekend is the first Agape UK gathering that I get to be at. 
I am so excited to hear from the leadership and to meet the others who are in the UK sharing the gospel and showing God's love.

As with the previous couple months, 
I will be taking it slow and listening to when my mind and body are worn out. 
I am learning how to rest in the midst of going.

The past couple months have been a blessing although very challenging. I love to be active and it is hard to just rest even though my body needs it. Your prayers are so valuable to me. I am continually amazed at how God meets me and uses me when I am worn out. 

I am re-learning:
healthy eating, 
 time at home, 
time out with others, 
high energy, 
low energy,
deeper times with Jesus
waiting on the Lord 
I can follow Him above all else.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Why are you still single?

Often I am asked this question. 
Not always directly. 
I find it a difficult question to answer because I often ask it of the Lord.

I do not feel called to singleness
I desire to be married
I desire to be a mother
I desire to partner in life
I believe these desires are from the Lord.

As I look back over my journals
I can see how fear kept me from being in some relationships
I can see how my circumstances made it difficult to meet men who love Jesus
I can see how God has continually called me to trust His timing. 

If all I wanted was to get married. 
If that was my main life goal.
I would be married already

But my life goal is to be where and who God has called me to be. 

So I trust that if God has marriage and family as part of that plan...
He will guide me.