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Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Celebrations

 I so much enjoyed the time with the Tomson family for Christmas. 

Elijah and Amelia gave up their room so I could have some place to sleep when I was there. :) They made me a great sign for the door.
 They gave me a stocking and arranged little gifts for me. It was SO sweet! For the first time in my life I had a gift from Father Christmas. :) 

I went to a carol service, a crib service and Christmas day service. I so much enjoyed the time with the Tomsons. They are delightful. 

Preparations for Christmas dinner. :)
 Yay! Christmas dinner with everyone, hats, crackers, good food. :)
 Amelia received a white/black board with dry erase crayons. 
SO cool!  
So I drew a picture for each of the children...

  And when I got home, I lit the rest of the Advent candles! 
Glory to the new born King who Reigns now and forever more! 
Merry Christmas!!!!