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Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Changes, changes, changes

I wonder how many of my postings the last year have had something to do with changes. A question I will let go unanswered.

I went to Spain for some meetings. I love the team I work with! Paul Duncan (UK), John O'Neal (Spain), Urs Wolf (Switzerland), Kalle Vaismaa (Finland) and of course Deb. :-)

here a is a photo of the Pryanees... amazing

When I got back from Spain, I spent one night in my flat and the next morning I re-packed and headed to Lithuania... here was the travel itinerary... car ride to the Basel, Switzerland train station. 3 hour train ride to Frankfurt am Main airport. 2.5 hour waiting for my flight. 2 hour plane ride to Vilnius, Lithuania. Car ride with my friend Renata from the airport to the bus station. 1.5 hour bus ride to Kaunas, Lithuania. Trolley bus ride with Kellie and Jason. walking. arrival!

It was soooo good to see my friends. We had Thanksgiving dinner at about 10p.m. they waited for me!!!! There are few things better than sitting with dear friends over a good meal. I looked around at Sharon and Matt and Jen and Peter and Tiana and Kellie and Jason. Tiana and Jason arrived two days before I came to visit. I just kept drinking in the joy of being with friends.

I had a delightful time with them and then on Friday the Vilnius team came over and I was again in awe of the grace of God to give me so many friends! Renata and Jolanta and Jeff and Alvyta and Jolita and Baylis.

It was a good time. And then on Sunday I reversed all the travel itinerary... got back to Kandern, Deb helped me finish packing my apt and Monday morning I had the help of many to move my belongings to my friend Brad's cellar and me to the Miller's house. And this photo is of me... skyping with Adrienne in my empty flat.

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Time with the Lord

I should be packing right now... but I came across this photo and it reminded me of how much I LOVE sitting beside water and reading my Bible. This day I had gone to the Alps with Deb and Riitta and we went up to some glaciers... the farther up we went... the fewer people there were. And we split off to spend some time with the Lord. I was so engrossed in what I was reading that I did not realize Riitta had taken my picture, but I am glad she did because that was a lovely moment for me and to have it captured is priceless.

Monday, 13 November 2006


I began packing boxes yesterday. I intended to begin last week but life got in the way. Funny how that happens. So, I began by taking everything off the walls and collecting all my photo frames and artwork and candle holders. Now it does not feel so much like home and I will feel more compelled to pack things up.

Sigh... someday I will live in one place for more than 1 year. Seems like ages since I did that.

On another note. I saw demonstrated in my life this past weekend what happens when I do not have enough "alone" time. No doubt about it... I am an extrovert! But... I do need significant amounts of "alone" time. Alone is in quotes because it really means a small amount of alone time and a significant amount of time with one or two really good friends. :-) So... what happens when I do not have enough "alone" time? I become very withdrawn and avoid people. I become inable to carry on conversations....just can't think of interesting things to ask people. People who don't know this about me become alarmed at what they see.

You might wonder what I need when this occurs... well... I need time with a good friend or two doing nothing or talking. OR...I need a few hours by myself. between large social gatherings that demanded my attendance this weekend, (I did want to be in attendance!) I watched a movie with a good friend, I drove by myself to a nearby town and did some window shopping, and I talked with another good friend. I am closer to normal now. :-)

And today I said goodbye to a good friend... the goodbyes continue.... wrenches my heart strings. I do love, however, that I can entrust my friends to the Lord's keeping. It is always amazing how He keeps me!

Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Ben Harper

Some photos from the concert. :-)
It was much fun. :-)

Monday, 6 November 2006


I am going to a Ben Harper concert tomorrow night and I am practically giddy with anticipation. Maybe it is because as one of my friends here put it, "I get to be normal for a night" So, my new friend Sarah and my friend Brad and I are going to the concert. We all have really busy lives. Full of good things but these good things wear us out from time to time and a good concert just seems like a really great thing to do right now. I am so glad to have friends to go with. I saw the advertisment a couple months ago and suggested it. At that time Brad told me that he had suggested it before ...but sadly I did not recall the suggestion. And Adrienne later told me that I was not in the room when he suggested it. So I do not feel too badly. :-) hmmm.. I am rambling.

Well, exactly 1 month from today I will be back in Portland. That feels strange... In between then and now... many things to do, a couple trips to take, some more dear friends to say goodbye to, and the Lord to keep leaning on. The great thing in this process is that Brad said my stuff can reside at his place and my friends the Millers will let me live with them my last week here. God is good.

Hmmm... I should go to bed. Tomorrow is a very full day.