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Friday, 21 June 2013

Resting in the Lord

This past week I was at home sick for most of the week. I don't like being "stuck" at home sick. But the good thing is that I had loads of time to pray and listen to the Lord.

It is amazing to me how stopping and resting in the Lord brings perspective to life. Perspective on what is really important. Perspective on how God is my provider. Perspective on who He calls me to be.

I am continually hearing of how much what I want to do is needed in this world. I hear of how missionaries are burned out, worn out, weary and afraid. My heart hurts as each time I wish I could have stepped in and helped them be healthy.

I am excited to get more training on how to help missionaries be healthy, mentally, emotionally and most importantly spiritually.

In reFresh, we talk about our First Order Calling...  to live in and from His embrace...loving and delighting in Him and letting Him love and delight in me.

From this, all other things flow. And often the challenges of our life keep us from resting in the Lord. Oh how I long to help more people see healing and growth in their life!

Friday, 14 June 2013

fall in love with Jesus

As I ponder the waiting I have done over the years for various things.. I came across a blog post today that someone posted on Facebook. I Don't Wait. Please read it. :)

I grew up in the time when the purity rings and necklaces were first becoming popular. And I resonate with growing up and as I became 27, 30, 32, now 38, I find it was so long ago that I made that promise... it almost seems irrelevant.

Not that it is irrelevant to keep pure for marriage.. but rather that falling in love with Jesus is more my goal. I find that the more I know and love my Lord and Saviour, the more easily I value who He has made me and the less willing I am to follow what the world says is important for relationship and love.