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Monday, 25 September 2006

learning to live deeply

I sent out an update on my life to about 180 people this month and at the end I asked them to tell me what it means to them to live deeply. I asked that because I am thinking alot about what it means to live deeply. I have had a response from 6 people.

I wonder... is this because people do not read my updates? Or is it that they have never thought about what it means to live deeply? Or are they so busy that they cannot share with me what it means to them to live deeply? And if you are that busy... how can you live deeply?

No, I am not upset with those 174 who did not respond. I am just curious what would cause one person to respond and not another. And... I am sad that I have not heard from more people.

I am not doing a school assignment with this question. I am trying to learn more about living as God wants me to live. And I think we learn about living like Christ by learning from each other as well as other methods.

so, if you have not responded to the question drop me an email and let me know what you think it means to live deeply.

Next month I will share what I think it means to me.

Monday, 18 September 2006


Okay, so at Rakel's comment I thought, "aw that is sweet. Rakel is so nice. She must see something I don't." Cause to be honest, I almost did not put that photo in... I do not like it that much. And then dear Melanie posted that she agreed. And I began to think... are they crazy??? and then K. good grief girl... what is this???? some sort of conspiracy to get me to post photos that I don't like of myself cause everyone else thinks they are great? sheesh.

Okay, I am not really upset, a bit confused and needing to change my perspective maybe...working on that... working on it. yeah... working on it.

Saturday, 16 September 2006

home sweet home

Well, after a lot of traveling this summer I am back in my own flat in Kandern. I was SO excited to go grocery shopping! I could purchase groceries for more than 5 days! Such a great feeling! After leaving the states I was home for a couple days and then I had an office retreat. That was good. It is always nice to get to know people outside of the office and with their families. We climbed up to the top of the 2nd highest mountain in the Black Forrest. :-)

here are all the kids who climbed with us.. this was the half way mark.

Here are some of the adults resting too... I have no idea what I was excited about or what I was explaining. :-) The man next to me and the woman in front of me are the new director of western europe and his wife. They are Spanish and I love their hearts for the Lord and for each other and for Europe.

3 days after returning from that I was up before early to catch a flight to Barcelona Spain for some meetings. Good meetings. Our team bonded on a boat. God is so good. He provides fun places to experience Him and have meetings! I had many firsts... snorkling, swimming in the mediterranean, seeing a stingray, driving a boat... fun times.

How wonderful to seek the Lord in this type of environment!

And I got home late on Saturday, was completely worn out on Sunday and most of Monday... I guess that is what happens when you let your self relax. :-) I need to do more of that.

Then, I had the privilege of having visitors for a couple days. Stephanie and Julie, two girls who graduated from the college/seminary I worked at before moving here. They were fun to have around, great to catch up on their lives and a blessing to see what they are learning. Sadly the weather has been foggy, cloudy and they did not get to see the Alps. I promise the Alps are there though! :-)

Sunday, 3 September 2006


My second week in the states was in Portland. (P-Town) Why do we always try to shorten names?

If I did not get to see you, I am sorry. It was a busy week! I am so blessed to have multitudes of wonderful people in my life and there is no way that one week could contain you all! :-)

Here are some highlights of that week.

Going to Cannon Beach with the girls...well those who could get off work or leave kids for the day. The ocean meets my soul. I love the vastness. I love the mystery. I love the power of the sea as it tosses small and larger items amongst its waves. Ah... yes. I have missed the Pacific ocean this past year!
Here are some of the beautiful women who are my friends:

The Festa Italiana with my dear friend Tori... 2 years in a row... it is a tradition now! :-) I LOVED dancing in the middle of Pioneer Square to the sounds of good Italian music. It did not matter that those Italians live in Columbus Ohio. Nor did it matter that I have been treated to great food and music and wine in Italy this past year. here we are with Erika in front. Erika is from Lithuania. It was a special night to be in downtown P-Town on a warm and clear night with good food, excellant wine, fun music, good friends... sigh...

It was great to be able to surprise my friend Andy for his little birthday celebration. And good for my soul to be in town when dear Sara was also in town. And being able to sit down with Bekah again... the last time was in Kandern. And yeah... I could go on and on... the people who work at church who I still LOVE. The people at MBCS who are dear to my heart.

Seeing most of my extended family. That was really special... even though I was really jet-lagged. I am so blessed to have a family who loves and supports me. On a more sad note... I was not able to see my dear adopted dad... he is this week going in for Chemo to battle the cancer that was recently discovered. It is not life threatening, but it is still difficult to fathom.

Being Stateside

So, I was in the States for about 2 weeks. One week in are some highlights of the time. :-) I did not take many photos but I had an afternoon to be up at Vail... that was amazing!

Colorado was the STINT briefing. I was blessed to see dear friends and make new friends too.