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Monday, 24 January 2011

an amusing day in language class

in my language class we come from a variety of countries and are a variety of ages. Today one girl who is 18 said that her mother is only 3 years older than me.. I about had a heart attack. I don't feel old. And I know that it is physically possible that I could have a child who is 15 now. But for some reason is shocked me and we laughed for a long time in class about it.

then we went to our coffee break (15 minutes to get a cappuccino and something to eat). 

upon returning to class, this same girl offered me some gum. The gum had a very strong minty flavour and she got my attention to show me that she had tears in her eyes from the strength of the flavour. We laughed about that too.

If you don't recall, one of my most favorite things to experience is multiple cultures at once. So class with 3 from Brazil, 1 from Poland, 2 from Libya, 1 from the USA by way of Morroco, 1 from Cyprus and myself... is a wonderfully fun mix and entertaining daily. 

I am learning Italian.
Sto imparando Italiano

Friday, 21 January 2011

I arrived

Io sono arrivata a Roma 2 settimana fa. 

Really!  it has already been 2 weeks since I arrived in Rome. And they have been full weeks. Full weeks of language, unpacking, sorting, connecting with people, getting papers in order... Much to do. I sleep hard every night. I am writing my January Musings today so there will be more detail in those.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Last day in Portland for awhile

Wow.. the day is finally here. In less than 24 hours I board a plane for DC, and from there to Rome, Italy. I have no planned trips backed to the USA at this point. That feels strange, because I have been back and forth across the Atlantic many times in the past year and a half.

I grateful to the Lord for the time with so many of you. And I am also sad that there was not time with many of you. One of the most challenging things to my heart in being an international missionary is that I only get momentary face to face times with those in the USA who are dear to me.  I miss your weddings.  I miss the first joys when you have a new baby. I miss walking through daily life with you. I miss you!

God is so gracious to put such dear people in my life. Your prayers, your friendship, your giving.. they all remind me that God is providing for me. I feel so unworthy so often. And this reminds me that God gives unmerited favour.

And so, I follow where God calls me to go, holding you dear in my heart and looking forward to when we can meet again face to face.

Pray for me would you? I arrive to Rome Friday morning and will try to stay awake and get  settled a bit in my new room. Saturday will be my first day of Italian language class.