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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Where does the time go?

Lent finished and according to the church calendar we are still in the Easter Season. 
50 days of Easter follow Lent up to Pentacost Sunday. 
50 days of rejoicing after 40 days of self examination and pondering how much we need a Savior.
 I am grateful for this designation of time. 

I am preparing to make a major transition. That of going from being a financially supported missionary to being a full time employee in some organization or corporation. The last time I had a role like this was in 2005 when I left my job to work overseas with Cru. 

The last time I wrote up an American resume was in 2002. 
I am 
Excited and nervous
Hopeful and cautious

I know that I am following the Lord's leading in this. I feel the same way I did when I knew I was supposed to return to the states. I got on the plane and wrote in my journal, "I do not know what the destination is of this particular journey, but I know I am taking the right step." 

I am feeling the same way now. I do not know what job I will have next. But I know that is the direction I am supposed to go. 

I know who I am in Christ. 
I know what my gifts and strengths are. 
I desire to utilize the best of who I am as I move on. 

I recall a phrase the Lord gave me after 4 years in Germany. I need to "do a job that utilizes my admin skills to develop people more than I need to do a job that utilizes my people skills to do admin nicely."

It is a new and glorious.
Christ is RISEN
He is risen indeed!

He is the one I trust!