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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

what has been happening in my life..

I often am amazed by watching God work in, around and through me. When I am joyful and looking for glimpses of Him and when I am sad, weary and not looking for glimpses of Him. God is always God. He is always teaching me to be more like Him. He is always drawing me closer to His heart.

In the past few weeks, I have experienced God using me inspite of my weaknesses and vulnerabilities. I have seen Him give me words when I felt like I had none. I have seen Him stop me from hitting burnout with a timely bout of illness that forced me to rest for almost 3 weeks.

He allowed me to spend time with dear friends in Florence, Italy a few weekends ago.

He brought my brother and sister in law to visit me for a week. It was so good to see them! After taking them to the airport on Tuesday morning I cried most the drive back.

There is something so sweet about face to face time with people who have known me and loved me for a long time. I enjoyed taking them to France

and Switzerland

and other parts of Germany while they were here. They got a lot of rest... which I think they needed. :-)

I was able to take them to these places because... drumroll please.... God provided a car! :-)

I love how God has taken me through this car process... a lot of waiting on Him and watching Him handle the details. Isn't that how life usually goes? When we allow God to really be in control of our lives He works things out for our best.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Biography poem

So my dear friend Bekah who has a birthday this weekend... had this on her blog and she ended it with.. "Try it"... so here I am trying it... not because I am bored... but because I miss my friends and Bekah is one of the dear friends I miss a TON.

So here it is.. the biographical poem... these things are hard for me to do...

Sister of Matthew and Michael
Lover of beauty, connections, and travel
Who feels joy usually, forgiveness quickly, and sunburns occasionally
Who needs close friends, variety, and trust
Who gives grace, truth, and the occasional witty remark
Who fears moths, being misunderstood, and not making a difference
Who would like to see the people I love, how to live a balanced life, and if the dollar will gain strength any time soon.
Resident of Kandern, Germany