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Saturday, 29 April 2006


I have many thoughts in my I thought I would share a few of them.
1. I was in Edinburgh, Scotland last weekend for a conference.
We met in a pub
down the street was a church that was turned into a nightclub.

We had the privilege of praising God, learning and praying in a pub while less than a block away, they were dancing and drinking in a beautifully old church building. I had fun thinking of how God uses anything He desires to His glory!

2. I met some amazing people at the conference... even though they would not say that they in themselves are amazing. I have been struck with how often we look for titles to give us confidence... when in fact, God himself should be our confidence. We do not need titles to make a difference for the Lord. He wants to use the meek and weak. I love that God has been raising generations of leaders who serve with grace, humility and confidence in the Lord. Here are some of the people I am referring to:

3. I have another birthday coming up. Someone recently told me that people generally have trouble with their 29th, 30th or 31st birthday. Well.. 29 and 30 were not too difficult for me. I wonder if 31 will be? :-) but then again. It is just another year and a new age and people still think I look like I am in my early or mid 20s. This past week several of the Brits were asking me my age and one even said, "no. it is not possible. you moisturize?" I had to laugh. And then I thanked God for good genes. I am excited and anticipatory of what God has in store to teach me and show me this next year.

4. I am surrounded by people who make me want to be a better person! I hope and pray that I will always be surrounded by people who are more dedicated, disciplined, gracious, merciful, compassionate, determined, and full of integrity.

5. I am an extrovert... but I really need time alone... very little... but I really need time with one or two good friends to re-charge. I have been noticing how much I need this... and I am so grateful that God provides.

Well... i think I should stop on this post. lots to do...

Wednesday, 19 April 2006


This year, I spent Easter in the Swiss Alps.

Adrienne and Scott and I, along with 2 SINTers (Erin and Katie) from Rome all packed into Scott's car and drove the 2.5 hours to Grindelwald, Switzerland.
Grindelwald is just past Interlaken

and close to Lauterbrunnen...

two places I have wanted to see for a very long time. It was beautiful. The kind of beauty that elicits a response of awe.

On Easter Sunday we hiked up into the foothills of the Jungfrau region of the Alps. Scott read from Luke 24, then we shared and then we took prayed and then we took communion and then we sang Amazing Grace. It was a really powerful experience. the green valley below and the magnificent mountains surrounding us. And thinking on what Jesus did for us on the cross.

I was struck with something new in the Easter story this year... I was struck with the fact that the women remembered Jesus' words after the Angel reminded them of what He had said about his death, burial and resurrection. Why is it that we so easily forget what God has said? Why did it only take one weekend for Jesus' disciples to forget that He said He would rise again. They went into complete mourning and did not have eager anticipation! I want to live in eager anticipation of what God has promised! He is faithful!

I also noted that the men did not listen to the women who came to tell them about the empty tomb because their words were foolish... silly disciples... :-)

It was a good Easter... even though I did miss my family.

Saturday, 8 April 2006

The beauty of God's creation

So after a busy week of work and planning for Sunday (I have the privilege of leading worship again), I went to Lucerne, Switzerland with some of my friends today (Saturday).

The weather was spectacular... okay. ... about 13 degrees celcius... but the sun was out and the water was beautiful and the sky was blue.

I wanted to share some photos... the Swiss Alps, the swans, the people. God is sure creative! :-)

hmmmm....guess I did not take any swan photos this time... not sure why... there were a LOT of them. :-)

Tuesday, 4 April 2006


So... On Saturday Adrienne and I set off for London. The plan: to sightsee Saturday and Sunday; Church and hanging with some locals on Sunday night; Meeting up with my dear friends on Monday. And it all happened! :-) We saw things I have only dreamed of being able to see again! Big Ben, Westminster, Trafalger Square, riding the Underground , Buckingham Palace (saw a prince!), changing of the guards (horses and humans).

Seeing London was great and I met some fun people... and hanging with Adrienne is always good. but the highlight was in Paddington Station when I was looking for my dear friends and then I saw them.. Allen, then Janice, then Jen then Peter. Oh what joy filled my heart! I think I actually ran to hug them. Adrienne can tell if I ran or not.. I don't remember... maybe I skipped.. anyway.. hugs all around and then again. We grabbed coffees and breakfasts and got on the tube to do some sight seeing. We had fun and walked a lot and talked a lot and laughed alot. here are some photos... Yes.... then I said goodbye to them and saw them off at the airport hours before my own departure... all in all.. it was a good weekend and well worth the time spent.