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Thursday, 28 February 2008

why I love my job

I want to spend the next month of blog posts expounding on the things that I love about this place that God has me in.. job, location, etc...

Here is an overview:
  • Living in Europe
  • The myriads of different people I get to be in contact with
  • The opportunities to share my faith and help others grow in Christ
  • The opportunities to grow in my own faith
  • Learning new cultures and languages all the time
What do you think? Do you want to read about these things?

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

the reason for my sad heart

Living overseas I sometimes get news later than I would like to get it. The news I saw last night was that a dear girl who is precious to my heart passed away on Saturday. The last year, she battled cancer. She was young and very vibrant. I would not have met her if God had not brought me over to Western Europe to work with Agape.

I find myself overwhelmed with sorrow and yet joyful in the fact that she is with Jesus in heaven! She is in a place where there is no more sickness and no more sorrow. I am sad for those she left behind. For her mother and brother, the students she taught, the Italians she loved and poured into in Rome… but I pray that when those who knew her, loved her and prayed for her, are sad… that we will all remember the hope to which she was called. A hope that means she is safe in the arms of Jesus

Sunday, 10 February 2008

catching up on life... can you ever really do that?

Well... it has been awhile hasn't it? I returned from meetings, conferences in Spain and a mini holiday in Paris on Wednesday night and I leave on Thursday for a conference in England and from there some meetings in Amsterdam. It feels good to be at home this week. :-)

I went to Barcelona to meet with the group that is designing the next conference for National directors and Priority directors of Agape Europe. The group was made up of Spaniards and Austrians and me. here we are gazing at the sea after lunch. Peter and Maria lead the ministry in Austria and Javier and Gema are directors of Agape Europe.

My brain was so confused as which language to try out. Use my Espanol? use my Deutsch? Use my English? It was a very productive meeting and then I had some time to explore Barcelona. :-) it is beautiful! These photos are from a market on the main street of Barcelona.

from Barcelona I flew to Malaga Spain and traveled south to Nerja for the STINT Midyear. it was a huge blessing to be there to see how the STINTers are growing this year! And a HUGE highlight was seeing the Lithuania STINT team... of course I have not photos to prove it... sorry... Nerja was also a time for the ICS (that is what I am) to gather... it was encouraging to see who God has called over here to share His love with Western Europe. I was able to encourage and be encouraged while I was there!

From Malaga I flew to Paris with my friend Joanna and we met up with my new friend Dawn for 3 days of exploring Paris! I have not been to Paris for 14 years... It was amazing! And one of Joanna's supporters greatly blessed us with taking care of our accomodation costs! It was wonderful to not need to worry about that cost! Here are some photos of Paris...
The view from our hotel room...

part of the skyline...

random cool car on one of the boats along the Seine river... we walked along the river many times...

Some of the vendors along the Seine... granted few were out because it was rather cold and windy... with bits of rain. :-)

And these are my lovely travel companions for Paris...