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Friday, 27 September 2013

companions as I live in transition

So, many of you know that I love animals... but also that cats are not my favourite animal. I am hanging out with a couple cats these weeks who are restoring my faith that cats can be cuddly and nice...
Clyde, the darker one, immediately decided I was special and now won't leave me alone. Lucy, took a bit longer but even as I tried to sleep after the 6 am feeding time, she ate and came back to snuggle with me.

No, I am not going to become a cat lady. Dogs are still more to my preference. But it is nice to have cuddle buddies in this transitory time. :)

Thursday, 26 September 2013


So.... Praise The Lord with me... 

My things are in process to be shipped from the UK to Portland! 

The estimated arrival date is 08, November, 2013. :) 

Friday, 13 September 2013


 The cost to get my things shipped from the UK to here grows with each month that it is not shipped because I am paying storage there.  Each month it grows by about $90.

Support is coming in to meet this need but at this point, $300 remains. Any help in this is greatly appreciated. If God allows you to help financially, click here Donate. And whether or not you can help financially, please pray with me! 

In other news...

I have begun school and I am adjusting to homework.
I am seeking out prayer and financial ministry partners for the work I do with reFresh.
I am blessed to have temporary housing situations this month but it is hard to not have a place to call home.