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Monday, 24 March 2008

why I love my job-#2

Another item on my list of reasons why I love my job:

-The myriads of different people I get to be in contact with-

Okay, so I keep trying to write this one... there are literally hundreds of fantastic people that I get to work with, have fun with, chat with, laugh with and generally connect with over here! I originally wanted to post photos and tell you about each person... but that would take a LOT of posting space!

I get to work alongside and serve people over here, national and international who know that God has called them into the full time ministry of "Building movements everywhere so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus"

Some members of the Agape Europe Round Table (leadership team) Swiss, Estonian, Dutch, American, French.
Sarah is Texan... why do we say that instead of American for people from Texas? :-) She works in Italy and is a dear friend!
Hannu is Finnish, Renata is Lithuanian, Daire is Estonian, Noella is French, Nicole is American, Vince in American, Arjan is Dutch and Eva is Estonian. Some of the great people I have been privileged to know and work with thus far!
Jolita is Lithuanian and works in Lithuania with students. She is an energetic spot of sunshine!
Duane is American and works in Kandern. Javier and Gema are Spanish-They are the directors of Agape Europe.
Claudia is German and works in London. She is a wonderful friend from the Lord
Brad and Deb. Brad is the Athletes in Action Coordinator for Western Europe. Deb is my boss. Both are my dear friends.
Ritta is Finnish and so dear to my heart. She used to work in Kandern in our office but she moved back to Finland... I miss her.
Maggie is British and used to work in the Kandern office she has since moved back to the UK. And Lisa is a Kiwi she and Kevin (her husband) and their two children moved to Berlin last year. I miss them all.
Thad and Jana are American and work in Kandern. We share office space and they are a blessing to me!

Some of my most favorite moments over here are when I am in a multicultural situation. Recently, Athletes in Action had a leadership meeting in Kandern. Swiss, Dutch, French, Spanish, Austrian, German, American... all together for one purpose. I LOVE THAT!


“The deepest urge in every human heart is to be in relationship with someone who absolutely delights in us, someone with resources we lack who has no greater joy than giving to us, someone who respects us enough to require us to use everything we receive for the good of others, and because he has given it to us, knows we have something to give. The longing to connect defines our dignity as human beings and our destiny as image bearers.”—L. Crabb

Just something I cam across this morning as I was reading a book. This really impacted me. How does it impact you? Does it impact you?

Friday, 14 March 2008

Two random things that brought me joy this week

So Tuesday night I was sitting in a restaurant with great ambiance... Candles flickering, people sitting or standing, lights down, a band up front. Worship music, some in German and some in English, was was being beautifully displayed on the screen. I felt the freedom to stand if I wanted to or to sit. I could sing my heart out with my eyes closed to the songs in English.. and even to some of the songs in German. I am loving that I can worship God in another language and it is still from my heart!

"Herr, unendlich viel hast du für mich getan,

von ganzem Herzen bete ich dich an.

Unendlich groß ist deine Herrlichkeit,

unendlich stark ist deiner Liebe Macht."

I had so much joy in my heart that night. And when we sang a song about all nations, tribes and tongues praising God together... I think my tears were a result of the overflow of joy in my heart!

The other thing that brought me much joy this week... Cadbury cream eggs!!!! which I cannot get in Germany. I have not yet tried the Milka cream eggs... which I hear you are supposed to eat with a spoon.. hmmm... And, I do not usually crave chocolate or anything really sweet. But there is something about the Cadbury cream egg that I LOVE!

So... I was thinking that I would not enjoy one this year... but God provided... :-) I was telling a friend in town how much I like Cadbury cream eggs and that night.. another friend (from the UK) gave some to her family! And she.. being so sweet... brought me two of them! TWO!!!! I literally danced with joy!

okay... there you have it.. two very different things that bring me joy. :-)

Sunday, 9 March 2008

why I love my job-#1

On my list of reasons why I love my job...
-Living in Europe-

it is really all about the old walled cities and the cool castles... JUST KIDDING! Although those are amazing... I am finding pleasure in the smaller things.

I love that I can get on a plane or a train and potentially sit next to someone from anywhere in the world because Europe is such a crossroads!

I love that when I go to a restaurant in most countries over here, I am not rushed out of the restaurant. In fact.. I usually need to find my waiter and ask for the bill.

I love that public transportation connects everything so well! Granted.. in Kandern not so much.. but everywhere I go, I can take a tram or a train or the subway to any where I want to go.

I love that when I want order and systems I can go to Germany or Switzerland. And when I want less order and reliability I can go to Italy or Spain. Okay.. I know I am over-generalizing but in a sense it is very true! And this fits my need to have order and spontaneity. :-)

I love that most Europeans work to live instead of live to work and that they value taking a good holiday every year! In August the whole continent... or so it feels like sometimes..takes a holiday.
I love that I go to the "big" grocery store in France for groceries when I am home for longer than 2 weeks. And I go to Switzerland to get gas in any car I am driving. It is cheaper there! ... if $8/gallon is really that much cheaper than $9/gallon. :-)

I love that when I am in the Netherlands I want to purchase a package of stroopwafels (syrup waffels to have with tea or coffee)and in the UK I find real cheddar cheese. And in Italy I get really great olive oil and coffee. In Greece I found dark and light brown sugar!

I love variety! And living over here I am never lacking variety in what I eat, the type of place I stay in, the language I hear, the culture I experience. But then again.. I love stability and home so it is always nice to come home to little Kandern to my little flat and to clean, cook and do laundry.

and yeah... the rich history here is amazing! And driving on the Autobahn is pretty great too... :-)

more next week....