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Monday, 27 June 2011

This week

I am anticipating this week. 
I am excited!
Friends will be here
Friends from Portland who are currently in Northern Italy will be coming to Rome on Wednesday!
YAY to see the Stones and Tori!
Thursday I am privileged to spend some time with the Alexanders.
I get to hear Ralph's insights about Rome for a day! 
Friday I fly to London for the wedding of my dear friend Claudia!
I am excited for this week

Sunday, 19 June 2011

World Beach Volleyball Tournament

A student who came to know Jesus a few years ago through some of our staff offered some tickets for the World Beach Volleyball Tournament. I love sporting events when I can be there in person! So I was excited to go. 
We watched a women's semi-final between Czech Republic and Brasil
Then we watched a men's semi-final between Latvia and Brasil
Then we watched a women's semi-final between China and the USA... Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh!  It was thrilling to watch this team that has been playing together for about 10 years!
I love this photo... can you see the woman on the side whose mouth is WIDE open? :-)
They won the semi-finals.  Today we get to go see if they win the final... again. :-)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Summer Reading

Often thoughts of summer conjour up visions of rest, relaxation, holidays-vacations and in that...time to read. My work here in Italy and in Europe does not in any way stop during the summer months, but the pace does change. 
9 summer project students, one lovely Italian (it was Pia's birthday) and a visiting friend. I made up a pasta dish which the students helped to make, They cut up a ton of fruit for a fruit salad which was delicious...We laughed a LOT!
The 13 lovely people who were here from the US for summer project departed this morning. I am sad to see them go-their passion and tenacity for sharing Christ is powerful...
but their departure also means I get to go to bed before 1pm. :-)

So this morning I began to think about what I might want to read this summer. I have always been a reader. I moved multiple boxes of books over to Europe with me. Many of them I have not yet read. 
So... in all the options...a thought came to about the New Testament? 
I found a reading plan online and hope to follow it. 
The New Testament in 90 days. 
I have never done this. 
I am excited!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

So much to experience in Rome

I was privileged to experience a massive track meet last week. The Samsung Diamond Series, Rome Athletic Meet. :-) I LOVE this stuff!

I went with dear friends who also work with Agape Italia and we got to see athletes from all over the world competing in races, hurdles, javelin, pole jump, long jump, triple jump, high jump, steeple chase, 4x100 relay...
and in that mix was Usain Bolt (the fastest man in the world right now) racing and wining the 100m race. We were sitting on the 100metre line.

That is always a strange thought to me....that someone who is considered the fastest man in the world.. is only considered that until someone else beats him.

But it was so thrilling to be there!  thousands of Italians and other nationalities all amazed and impressed by the strength, agility and power of the athletes!