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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Advent and Christmas

Years ago I began incorporating the Advent season into my life. 
I began using an advent wreath with candles that I lit each corresponding Sunday. 
I found weekly readings and songs that went with each Sunday of Advent.

Last year I was honored to put together Advent readings/meditations myself for our reFresh ministry. This took me to a deeper place of appreciating the season of Advent. 

These practices helped the whole of the Christmas time to not be stress filled and exhausting to me.  I found myself more aware of the miracle that Christ's birth was and is. 

In the Catholic church we have Advent season as the beginning of the new church calendar year. Advent season ends on Christmas Day and Christmas Season goes from Christmas Day to Epiphany!

I love that Advent is meant to remind me of the longing and need for Christ and the hope of His arrival. And that the Christmas season of joy begins on the day we celebrate the birth of Christ and goes until the day we commemorate the Wise Men's arrival to meet Christ. 

I am excited to begin Advent tomorrow. Sunday. 

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