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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Searching for a job that fits

In the generation before me, people would stick with a job no matter how bad the situation was. They would stick it out and retire after 30, 40, 50 years. I know many who were miserable but never considered changing jobs, positions, industries. I could not do that. No.. I refuse to do that.

In my working career, I know that I have grown and changed with each job I have held. I have learned more of what I am good at. I have gained new skills. I have learned what type of boss I do not work well with and what kind of boss I do work well with.

I have learned that I cannot stay in a job that is mentally/emotionally or physically unhealthy. This is a challenge for me, because my heart beats to help others be healthy (mentally and emotionally and physically). So I want to stay. I want to help....but this is not always conducive to my mental health.

As I am once again searching for job, I must take all this into consideration. I must consider what in my working career has been life giving.. and what has been draining. I must consider what things I have accomplished to the praise of others and what things I have not done so well at.

I have not failed often in my life but the failures have been intense and I seek to learn from them and become more of who I created to be.

As Robert and I are expecting our first child, I find that I don't want a job that will take me away from my child. I find that I want to put all that I am and all that Christ has created in me, my life experiences and my relationships into being the best wife and mother that I can be.

Being a wife and mother is not the sum of my skills or passions, but at this time, it is where God has me. This is the job that fits where God has planted me now.

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