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Monday, 16 January 2017

The body of Christ

My husband and I were recently trained to be Eucharistic ministers. This means we were trained to offer the body and blood of Christ, during Eucharist (communion), to fellow parishioners.

This past Sunday evening I was on the schedule for the first time.

As the service proceeded, I was going over my training and wondering if I was going to royally mess it up. I was consumed with this and then the time came...

I made my way over to the line -up of Eucharistic ministers and eventually to my spot. As the first parishioner came forward and I heard myself verbally offer to them, "Body of Christ".

At this moment, the enormity of what was happening washed over me. The body of Christ offered for you and for me is the greatest gift ever given!  And I was privileged to offer this to my fellow parishioners.

I felt tears welling up in my eyes. What grace is this? That Christ died on the cross to cover our sins and He left us a way to be reminded of that every time we participate in the Eucharist.

I continued to offer to each parishioner the "Body of Christ" and in my mind I added offered for you! Wow,

I am overwhelmed with this role I will continue to participate in. What grace is this?!

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